It's forever

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how many seasons will there be of ouat do you think?


(I hope!)

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**********the doctor is inouat

I’d almost say you were in love…

Anonymous asked:
I recently saw some fans on twitter saying that Bobby hates OUAT. I don't believe that's true, of course, but I'm wondering why they think he hates it? Did he make any comments or?

Hmm. I seem to remember something about that, but I can’t remember where in the world people came up with that idea, and honestly I really don’t care for speculation on that front. I personally haven’t seen him make any such comments, so unless I hear it from him or see it on his twitter, I’ll continue to look at it as theory being mistakenly taken as fact. 

favourite character meme - [2/7] scenes

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Hi! Why do you think Emilie gets so little credit from fans (even her own), the media and her castmates for being such a fantastic actress? She's brilliant - and would have to be to match Bobby at every turn- but only the writers seem to appreciate her (except maybe Raphael Sbarge, when he talked about filming the wedding scene ). It's is frustrating.

Hi, Nonny! I think it’s a bit hard to quantify how much appreciation she gets. I mean— we are honestly not given that much exposure to the actors and their personal thoughts. We see them in very controlled environments where they are given specific questions to answer, so we can’t honestly assume that just because WE don’t hear about it, it means she is under-appreciated. That cast seems very closely-knit, and I just really doubt that she doesn’t get support from them.

As for her fans… well, the circle of people I follow have a very healthy appreciation for Emilie, so that’s what I’m exposed to. Lots and lots of overabundant love for her and her work. I think she’s amazing, so I just focus on my own appreciation of her rather than what others might think. :)

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River you know my name. You whispered my name in my ear. There’s only one way I would ever tell anyone my name. There’s only one time I could.

In which Robert faces the “how do I eat and read” dilemma— and Emilie takes advantage of it.

In which Robert faces the “how do I eat and read” dilemma— and Emilie takes advantage of it.